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        Welcome to the Miniature Needlework Society

        The Miniature Needlework Society was founded in 1997 to encourage all forms of miniature work with needle and thread: embroidery of every kind, knitting, crochet, tatting, lace making etc. The Society now has around 300 members worldwide who keep in touch through newsletters and workshops. Members share their expertise, and the Society publishes information packs on needlework techniques and sourcing materials.
        • Easy Projects

          Try out our newest easy project: A pair of Christmas cushions.

        • Watch out for more easy projects coming soon!

        • Workshops

          For dates and details of upcoming fairs as well as workshops at Cambridge and Edinburgh.

          See Events
        • Exhibitions

          The "Sew Small" Exhibition was held between 12th March and 24th April 2016 at the Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch.

          Learn more about this exhibition and see photos of some of the fantastic miniature items made by MNS members that were exhibited. There are still some copies of the CD available which contains photos of some of the highlights. See the Sew Small Exhibition page under the Galleries tab for details.

          See Galleries
        See the items made by members for our 2018 Traditional Nursery Rhymes Competition
            on the Galleries page.


            COMING SOON  Details of our competition for 2020!


         "Elizabethan Ladies" wallhanging
        by Jenny Furlong


        Join The Miniature Needlework Society today

               and receive a free cushion kit.


        Annual membership costs just £20 (UK)

                      or £25 (overseas)

        Visit our Membership page for more details.